The Need for Feed

Any Gift is helpful. On a good month with no vet calls the average cost per horse is $171.60– much higher if there is an illness.

The feed cost per horse per month:
Hay, Alfalfa or Grass 4 bales at $15.00 ea or $60.00
Wheat 3 bales at $14.00 ea or ………………$42.00
Senior feed/grain……………….$32.00

Then every 2 months hooves need to be trimmed.
Trimming $35.00 ea time or $210.00 per year. If broken down, monthly cost $17.50

Worming is done 6 times per year and rotated as follows:
Cost per year is about $35.00 if bought as a combo pack. Higher if bought separately. Monthly cost would be about $3.00.

1 January/February                       Pyrantel
2 March/April                                 Benzimidazole
3 May/June                                     Ivermectin
4 July/Aug                                       Pyrantel
5 Sept/October                               Benzimidazole
6 November/December                Ivermectin

Teeth floating
This is done once per year at a cost of $75.00 for teeth and $30.00 for anesthetic. Then if the vet has to come out for what they call a country call, that is usually around 100.00 up per visit. Total is $205.00 and broken down monthly would be about $17.10.

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