aboutHello!  Thank you for stopping by Borrowed Time Equine Rescue, our horse rescue and rehabilitation facility. My name is Cliff Huntley and this is a story of how I fell in love with horses and came to own this rescue site. My wife and I moved to Fallon, Nevada, in June of 2007, after purchasing 20 acres of desert and a fixer upper home. I am a Disabled Veteran and the VA Medical Center is just 60 miles from here in Reno. This is very convenient when visiting the doctor as often as I have need to do.

My wife was raised around horses and had the privilege of having a very special relationship with a horse named Apache until her late twenties. He was a gift from her grandfather when she was twelve and he changed her life. Horses are magic. Our hope was to have a couple of horses one day.

That winter we rescued two horses from starvation to our present horse rescue ranch. As we cared for our thin and sickly charges I realized that I actually felt better physically when I spent time with them. Being with those horses actually lessened the constant pain continually with me. I felt if we could bottle this and sell it, we would be wealthy.

It was these horses that led us to research horse rescues, livestock auctions and horse slaughter. Through many phone calls and emails we met a woman that facilitates for countless horse rescues all across the western states. If she could help a horse she would move a mountain to do so. We decided that we could help horses by acting as a lay over spot. Here they could rest, eat and relax while awaiting transport to either a rescue facility or their adoptive home.

Almost always there are the animals left behind after the rescues have picked through and taken those for which houses could be found. There are horses that are too young, too lame, or too old to travel; and other horses that, for some reason or another, lost their place on that trailer to safety. These are the horses I now have here.

Most of our animals have some form of disability, but I believe these perceived flaws only enhance their beauty and show true strength of spirit. The horse and human bond has been around for a long time and is known for its healing qualities. A horse does not judge; he accepts and is tolerant. Every horse has worth and deserves a second chance to spend their borrowed time enjoying the sun on their back, kind hands on their body, a soft word in their ear, and enough hay in their belly.

I believe similarly in regard to Disabled Veterans. Every person has value and something to give, or something to learn. The word “disability” may be applicable, but can never define who we are, the quality of the relationships we make, or what kind of a life we can create.

I feel that these horses came to us for a reason. Horses need a job and Veterans need a horse. We are helping horses so that the horses can help our Veterans. Our goal is to provide equine assisted therapy to Disabled Veterans and their families.

Please help us with a generous donation! We are in desperate need of funds for hay. You can save a horse today!

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